The Ideal Size of Various Custom Patches


The first question that pops up in mind for custom patches is “What should be the ideal size of custom embroidery patches?” Generally, there are no specific size requirements for custom patches, it is all how you want to make it look. It all depends on an individual’s choice. However, there are some common sizes for biker patches, military patches, and logo patches.


Custom Patches are similar to apparels. Decisions are tough – what color, design, and type to choose. This article will help you pick the ideal sizes for patches to make your apparel stand out.


Here are the ideal sizes for the common patches:


1. Logo Patches: For logo patches, the ideal diameter size is 2.5 to 3.5 inches. But the most frequent size is 3.5 inches. At this size, the elements in the design look big enough to get embroidered. Also, the image in the circle will match the right proportion of size on the left chest of the t-shirt or shirt.


Logo Patches

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2. Biker Patches: Isn’t it cool to represent your group with some really cool idea? Being a part of a Biker club or club is a marvelous and thrilling experience. Having an embroidered custom patch about the places you have explored can give your group a unique identity. Get your group or club a collection of patches for every place you have traveled together. For custom biker patches, the ideal size is 12 inches for back patches. This depends on the position of the patch whether on the front, back or lower.


Biker Patches

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3. Military Patches: Patches and badges represent pride and majesty. The ideal size of these patches is 4-inch width x 1-inch height. Patches hold a prominent place in almost every uniform around the world. The embroidered Military patches are an important part of the standard military uniforms. Some badges represent cadet levels and higher ranks.


Military Patches

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Ideal places for custom patches


1. Center Chest: Logo size varies as per age group and design. An ideal center chest logo size for youth should be 4 inches wide, and for adults, it should be 6 inches wide. The height depends on the design. The center chest design is the most common for a toddler or youth shirts. They look good when paired with any sleeve type and with front and back print placements.


Center Chest

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2. Left Chest: This is the most popular placement for embroidery patches on shirts, t-shirts, and jackets. Left chest is the most ideal position for patches or badges for company, organization, team or school logo. The ideal size is 3.5 x 2 inches. While the dimension for the largest design should be 5 x 5 inches.


Left Chest

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3. Sleeves: Can we have custom patches designs on sleeves? Yes, and trust us they look great! For plain t-shirts, shirts or jackets, you can have screen printed designs on both the sleeves. Generally, one sleeve patch designs look perfect. The standard full sleeve pattern size should be 3(width) x 14 (length) inches for text or graphics element in the design. The standard design size for short sleeves is 3.5 x 3.5 inches.



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4. Back of the Jacket: An embroidered design at the back placement should be wide, particularly for slogan, text, design, logo or the like. The ideal size should be 9” inch tall or 9” inch wide. While the large full back design should have the standard size of 8 x 8 inches.


Back of the Jacket

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Benefits of Custom Embroidery Patches:


Custom Embroidery patches can be either text, logo or printed designs. Why should they only be a part of a logo or badges? They can also be used for a variety of other purposes. Let’s check the benefits of using custom patches.


1. A Plethora of Choices: Custom Embroidery patches are available in a variety of types, designs, and fabric options. They make your promotional events, and other items look great and effective. They are the best options for promotional events for company or organizations. You can create custom patches for jackets, bags, hats, t-shirts, etc.


2. Advertises Brand: A company logo on the staff’s uniform can be a free form of advertisement in itself. Any random person passing by on seeing it can recognize the company or the brand. The same goes for a company logo or slogan on the bags, hats or other items creates a brand awareness amongst the people.


3. Make your Business stand out: During company meetings, fairs or events, to stand out and to represent your company in a better way, custom embroidery patches is a good option. A custom patch with a front or back placement can distinguish you from the rest. This also helps you in brand promotion and creating brand awareness.


Patch size is a personal choice, it all depends on your confidence and how you choose to make it appear.