Tips to Design Your Custom Patches

Tips to design your custom patches

Do you know why embroidery patches are great? There are numerous reasons which you might choose to produce your customized patches like you are a part of a club, you own a business, you can take an amazing benefit of patches into your business, you have a special event coming up, or you’re tired of the typical jackets and denim. Why not patch it up to make a completely different look? You probably recalled the trend from the 90’s when the fashionable crowd was wearing it in full swing. It’s a unique addition to any outfit, which also brings out your character through that which you wear.  These can be added to almost any attire.


If you don’t have a piece of artwork that you want to recreate the design, you might not know where to get started. Here are few hints:


Decide your Purpose:


First things first, you will need an idea. If you don’t have one yet ask yourself one question, what’s the intention of this customized patch? Is it for a sports jersey? Do you want it to add fun to your regular clothes? Is to give your bag a new look? Are you celebrating a birthday? Do that you wish to incorporate a company logo?  Or do you want to promote a company? As soon as you’ve determined your purpose consider the design, color scheme, as well as the substance.


Decide on Elements:


Once you’ve determined why you need a custom patch to project, identify what visual components you need to include. Decide how big you want the logo to be if you are developing a company logo. If you are celebrating an anniversary, perhaps you want to incorporate the number of years you are observing. When it is a patch for camping, then you might wish a kayak or trees onto it. If possible prepare or sketch out as many as different ideas, you can use or find a comparable picture on the internet and find some creative specialist to do it for you if you are not feeling very artistic.


Decide Shape and Size:


The dimension of the patch can be decided according to the purpose of the patch. Think about where the patch will be. When it’s on a coat, you might choose to decide on a bigger size. When it’s likely to be framed, then perhaps a medium dimensions. If you are sewing it on a Girl Service Troop or Boy Scout vest, then you might choose to allow it to be small. After then consider the shape. Whether it’s squared, circular, or a “fancy cut” patch with unique lines patch size should complement the design.


Some Standard Sizes are Being Used for Common Patches:


  1. 1. Soccer patch: 3 inch
  2. 2. Scout patch: 3 inch
  3. 3. Biker patch: 12 inches for a back patch with a bottom and top rocker
  4. 4. Military patch: 4-inch wide x 1 inch high
  5. 5. Security patch: 4″ to 5″ inch
  6. 6. Logo patch: 3.5 inches.


One easy way to find the size is to add the height and width of the patch and divide them by two, i.e., take their average. The number obtained will be the size of the patch.


Decide the Types:


The most conventional type of patch that we can have is an embroidered patch. In embroidery patch, a thread is embroidered onto a backing to create a raised design. Woven patches are very similar to embroidered patches, but they use thinner thread to achieve more detail and aren’t as raised as the embroidery ones. One of the most common methods used nowadays to create the custom patch is Dye-sublimation. Considered the amount of detail in your design into consideration before you choose


Decide the Stuffed:


The design of this patch ought to be such that each attribute is emphasized. The logo, text, and also the picture should stick out. It’s suggested to not stuff a good deal of info and graphics on the area. Keep it clean, smooth, and distinctive. You need to decide how much of the patch you’d love to be embroidered. Please remember that this is dependent upon your picture if your picture is quite comprehensive you’ll have to utilize 100% embroidery coverage, in case your custom made patch is only of a title or an easy text it is possible to use 50% coverage, 75% embroidery coverage is for pictures that are not too straightforward or too comprehensive.


We hope the above tips help you in designing custom patches well. In the end, it depends on the design, concept and the placement.  After deciding the above things, you can contact us for a free quote. You can send any artwork or ideas to us. At Patch-Emblem, we’ll help you to create your custom patches.


We at Patch emblem provide customers all types of service to help a customer to design your patch whether it is for fashion or business. Our designers don’t rest until the customer provides approval for the patch design. We even offer design if the customer provides basic ideas of what they want.