5 Tips to Sew Custom Patches on Clothes


It’s common for designers to use varied themes and designs to boost the identity of a fabric and attach an identity to it. Custom made patches are more than sufficient in giving ample inspiration for consumers who want their beliefs to be worn proudly. Organizations rely on logos patched on to the uniform for brand identity while girls and fashionistas have forever wondered the best way to utilize patches as a fashion statement. A custom, one-of-a-kind creation is something everyone looks for.

Benefits of Using Patches for Business

  • The originality of the identity with the customization as per organization ideas
  • The durability of the patch to withstand rough use
  • Positive Impression and Boost in Morale
  • Security with designed patches on holes that give a fashionable look
  • Flexibility Of Use

Things Required to Sew Patches

  • Colored threads, uniform, and the edge of patches
  • Handy Scissors
  • Sewing needles
  • Safety pins
  • Needle threader/ thimble
  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • Adhesive tape or glue
  • Iron

How to Sew Custom Patches

1. Tips to Sew Patches on the Uniform
A) Hand Sewing Tips

  • Wash, dry, and iron uniform. Cotton uniforms will shrink and thus bunching patches will be easier. Iron the area for the patch to be placed before sewing it to remove any wrinkles. Use the same colour as the fabric or a darker one to sew patches.
  • Position patch correctly especially on military uniforms which require the patches to place in correct alignment, correct place, and incorrect direction too.
  • Check how the patch fits when wearing your uniform
  • Secure the patch with a safety pin to hold the patch in place.
  • Without the iron-on patch, get some adhesive ironing tape
  • Thread the needle and tie knots at the end. Start with the inside of garment get it out on the patch with a straight stitch pattern.
  • Having sewn around the edge of the patch, loop thread and pull the needle through to tie the knot.

B) Machine Sewing Tips

  • Iron your garment to smooth out wrinkles.
  • Place the patch where you want it, marking the correct spot before sewing.
  • Use iron-on patch or get some adhesive ironing tape.
  • Set up sewing machine with a straight stitch.
  • Thread the machine and then run the thread through the machine.
  • Start sewing and engage the needle until the patch is completely sewed.
  • Cut away loose threads but don’t cut the knots.

2. Tips to Sew Patches on Denim

The distressed denim look is quite popular. One can sew patches on denim even when covering up holes. One can use white or blue thread since it is in fashion. Use denim fabric, pins, sewing needle etc.

Cut the fabric in a square and insert the patch on the denim hole or attach it where you want it. Pin the patch in place. Hand-stitch the patch later using needle and thread in every seam.

3. Tips to Sew Patches on Jackets

One can sew patches with cute sayings on jackets with handicraft and embroidery. Add names above the pocket, or put in a patch above the sleeve for added style. Choose a cute patch or saying that showcase your attitude. Pick a good font or design and print it.

Pin the paper on the jacket as a guide for the embroidery. Stretch the jacket over the hoop so the fabric is tautly held. Use the print as a guide and then sew the borders to stitch. Tie the thread after it is done. Click here for more information.

4. Tips to Sew Patches on Shirts and Tees

One can apply heat to attach patches with its sticky back and get it activated.
Prepare the hole and remove ravelled thread to get it square shaped. Cut a square patch that is bigger than the hole or depending on how large you need it.

Match prints or stripes and align with weaving pattern if possible. Hem the custom patch on the garment on both sides. Watch this video for more information.

5. Tips to Sew Patches on Hats

There are several ways one can attach custom patches to the hats. Sewing the patches on to the hat and they will look beautiful no matter what. If one is not sure about sewing it, one can use Permanent Adhesive especially the one that works great with fabrics, and good enough to withstand the rigours with a washer and dryer.

Place pressure on the custom patches before the glue gets set. This will prevent patches from detaching from hats.

Patch Emblem can deliver custom patches for any organization or occasion, with a variety of designs, textures, and patterns. Just send in your draft, finalize the art, and approval the sample to get the patches delivered.