Woven Patches Vs. Embroidered Patches – What is your choice?

woven patches vs. embroidered patches

Are you finding it difficult to choose between the Woven Patches and the Embroidered Patches? If yes, what you will read now can help you in making a choice.


Custom patches are available in every shape. They come in rectangular, circular, die-cut, square, and other random shapes. You can use these patches for garment samples, promotions, advertising, events and more. However, there are significant differences between these two most commonly used patches. Let us take a tour to know more about the Woven Patches and Embroidered patches.


 Embroidered Patches:

As the name implies, embroidered patches are stitched with thin threads. Sometimes, threading intricate details and information onto the fabric on a small patch might present a cluttered look. These patches are made with the thicker threads. They give a traditional, classy and vintage look. These patches are a perfect choice for law enforcement agencies, fire departments, military units and security personnel.


The embroidery with these patches creates a raised texture above the backing. This gives an excellent look for the large patches. But for the smaller ones which involve detailed texts, designs or logos highly this can turn into a mess. If you wish to do a lot of any detail work in a small space, we recommend you not to use these patches.


Considering the cost factor, the cost of Embroidery Patches varies on the basis of the percentage that will cover the fabric. You can also do the patching with iron-on backing as it will save you from sewing.


Advantages of Embroidered Patches:

  1. Give a promising classic look
  2. Compatible with Iron-on backing
  3. Variety of options available

Woven Patches:

When compared to embroidered patches, these patches are made with fine threads which allow showing every small detail. They are the perfect choices for the detailed work which involve small lettering, logos, and such intricate designs. So, if you have many intricate designs and small texts involved, woven patches are absolutely your way to go with.


Unlike the embroidered patches, they do not have a raised texture. Thus, these patches have a smooth surface.


The sizes of the patches are extremely flexible. We recommend larger patches if you want to add a lot of details and information to the embroidery. Like Embroidery patches, these can also be made with the iron-on patches. Small woven patches are capable to give you a photo-realistic art. So, if you aim at showcasing the color gradients, faces or intricate backgrounds these patches are the best choices. However, the same is also possible with embroidered designs only if you have larger patches.


It is suitable for all kind of edges like an embroidered one or the plain one. For patches with complicated edges, use the laser cut or die cut. The most important thing while considering woven patches over embroidered ones is the fact that they are low-priced when you do bulk shopping.


 Advantages of Woven Patches:

Woven patches are best suited for intricate patterns and high-resolution patches. You can choose the woven patches because of these advantages like


  1. Lower price in comparison to embroidered patches
  2. Have 100% coverage
  3. Allows smaller lettering and texts


Still confused? Keep these factors into consideration. They will surely help you to choose the perfect patch for your artwork.


1. Look: There are significant differences in how the embroidered patches and woven patches appear. The weaves of the embroidered patches are thick in comparison to the woven patches. The thinner thread of the woven patches favors detailed work. It gives a flat appearance and fine clear lines closer to any printed appearance. They give a rich look with thinness in the intricate designs.


2. Details: The embroidered patches give a thicker look like a three-dimensional look. This is because of the heavy embroidery thread work with the patches. This is a perfect choice if you do not have a lot of details and text involved in your design. Else, you are sure to get a classic look with the embroidered patches.


Woven patches are stitched with thinner and fine thread giving the intricate details a rich look.


If Your Artwork:


  • Includes intricate details
  • Involves precise designs and patterns &
  • Includes small text fonts


Then woven patches can be the best option.


3. Flexibility: Unlike the embroidered patches, the woven patches are adaptable to move inside and outside of the clothing, as they are thinner. Also, they do not have any sort of structured back. Thus, it makes the woven patches more versatile and flexible.


Another significant factor to consider is the variety of colors. While Embroidered patches can add to a range of twenty-four colors, the woven patches restrict the range to a maximum of eight colors. The embroidered patches are more flexible in terms of the color ranges. Hence, these patches can give the woven patches a tough competition. 


Ultimately, you have to give a final call. Depending on your personal preferences or the buyer’s choice, you can choose from the woven patches or the embroidered ones.


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