Custom Biker Patches

Bikers often wear jackets adorned with several colorful patches. While most patches are meant for decorative purposes, they also convey a message that the bikers believe in.

Certain riders endorse their activities with patches. Biker clubs for instance often sport their motto, with a biker patch.

Biker Patches

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Biker 1

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Biker 3

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Biker Patches – Emblems of identity

Members of bike clubs wear custom biker patches to let people know about their identity.

Bikers often place patches at the back and attach it as a symbol for meaning and their tradition. These patches can help identify the motorcycle club and also helps in promoting the characters. A biker patch is unique in its own right and does not conform to patterns.

What Patch Emblem Provides

Patch emblems provides custom motorcycle Patches for Motorcycle clubs that include clubs for veterans, police officers, and even firefighters. Quite often, motorcycle clubs forge stringent rules with mandatory meetings and payment of regular dues as membership.

Patch Emblem makes use of quality materials for making custom biker patches with adhesive backing with iron on application.

Every patch includes a seal across its backside to provide benefits for protecting stitches and embroidery, thereby increasing durability of the patch. They are also embroidered using the best technique and machinery with adequate color vibrancy, detailed stitching and embroidered patterns. Also the patches are washable on washing machines, colorfast and immensely durable.

The company also delivers beautiful biker patches for vest, custom biker jacket patches, and several cheap custom embroidered patches too.

What are Custom Biker Patches Made of:

Patch Emblem delivers comprehensive embroidery patches that consist of three types:

  • 50% embroidery – This involves simple designs with text with patches on quotes and sayings. Also, at least 50 percent twill background is visible with less than 50 percent in embroidery. It is suitable for most designs and quite cheap too.
  • 75% embroidery – This is the most common type of embroidery for custom biker patches. 50 percent of more contains embroidery in such patches, with less than 50% of overall background visible. The cost is low to average and also can be custom-made to suit most designs.
  • 100% embroidery – This is the highest patch quality with huge amount of embroidery with very little twill background visible. It is an expensive patch with accuracy and detail in different intricate designs involved.


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