Custom Motorcycle Patches

Motorcycle riders are popular in every city and country and usually found in communities of certain biking brands or a long journey of adventure. Some bond simply for the joy of riding across different places. Many such clubs have their ‘patches’ sewn as a symbol on jackets highlighting their idols and beliefs.

The patches worn by members of several motorcycle clubs are laden with symbols, designs, and words that are loaded with meaning and tradition. Custom motorcycle patches help such club members to believe and identify the message of their club while keeping them united as a group.

Custom motorcycle patches are integral to these clubs, and hence Patch Emblem is keen to customize patches that uphold meaning. Whether you are forming a new MC or part of an existing club, you can use custom motorcycle patches to highlight the changes in tradition and beliefs easily.

Why Choose Patch-Emblem?


At Patch-Emblem, our Embroidery Design Studio is keen on creating or recreating motorcycle club patches with vibrant colors that indicate experience, expertise, and sensible riding. All artwork is geared to form custom motorcycle patches that are aligned with your suggestions. They become a part of their history just as their adventure trips that bear lasting memories of a lifetime!

  • Free Setup & Artwork – We ensure free setup of custom embroidered patches along with artwork done for no cost!
  • Free Sample & Edits – We offer free samples of patches along with relevant edits before they are mass-produced.
  • Free Color Options – Choose from 12+ colors for custom patches online.
  • Quick Delivery – We ensure quick delivery for dispatching custom patches to your place.
  • Reasonable Pricing – Since we source patches from China, we can offer custom patches for a reasonable price .
  • 1100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We ensure 100% satisfaction on your order, or you can get your money back within the first 30 days.

At Patch Emblem, we provide customers with high-quality custom patches that adhere to a great design and a fantastic sense of style. Our patches help several businesses to make their impression on the crowd while encouraging other people to join. Our ability with twill lettering helps school with the patches that are vocal about the organization’s legacy and their teaching approach. also offers coordinated service for all kinds of clients right from idea initiation, style design, patch creation and embroidery, and prompt delivery at affordable rates. Patches thrive in varied categories, and Patch Emblem is experienced enough to deliver high-class Chenille emblems that are unique and professionally made with the highest cost performance ratio depending on your budget.

Get response for your patch design within 24 hours along with a turnaround time that suits your needs. We are always open to communication, and even strive to get all patches sorted in a trice.


Whether you have artwork or not, just follow three steps. What we do is to make your work simple.

Send Us Your Draft

Please email your ideals, draft, quantity, size and special requirement and we will confirm price based on these details.

Finalize Your Art

Our designer will make and edit the artwork until you are 100% satisfied. If you have finished design or sample picture, we will start sampling directly after confirming price.

Approve Your Sample

Our production team will make and revise sample until you approve it for mass production.

Custom Motorcycle Patches