How to decide the patch type from embroidered, woven, chenille, sublimated. Please note the following details on design preference needed for each type and on the differences between these types.

How to Design a Nice Embroidered Patch

It was done on a piece of twill or felt base with raised embroidery thread. With stiffer base and thicker thread, it presents kind of 3D looking compared with woven patch. The thickness of the line should be up to 0.8mm to make it satin stitched. Thus the lettering should be up to about 3.5mm high to make it legible.

size on emb.
Examples of nice artwork and the corresponding patch
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  • size on emb.

How to Design a Nice Woven Patch

Woven patches are done by weaven thread without base material, thus it is soft and flat without raised thread. As the thread is thinner, smaller details are feasible like 2mm to 3mm high text, thin lines, multiple small close dots, dripping effect and so on. The lettering should be up to 2mm high to make it readable. (images to show nice woven patches)

size on emb.
Examples of nice artwork and the corresponding patch

Comparison of Embroidery and Woven

How to Design a Nice Chenille Patch

Chenille letters and patches are often created to award the students. It is usually put on letterman jackets and sweaters. Chenille letters should be at least 2” high. Chenille patches are usually mixed with normal embroidery because chenille yarn requires a much bigger size. When the size is limited, embroidery works great on details.

chenille 3
chenille 2
chenille 1
chenille 4

How to Design a Nice Sublimation Patch

Sublimation patch is a kind of printing, thus it is feasible for very complicated designs and gradient colors. As long as we can read the details, it will be readable on sublimated patch. For regular shape, we can do overlocked border as embroidered patch. For irregular, it will be laser cut. If you want raised border or embroidered text or logo in some part to express the thickness on sublimated patch, it is practicable too. That is the mix of sublimated and embroidery patch.