• Can you customize my design into a patch?

    Yes! Just send your design and we will give you professional suggestions like how to amend it tomake all details legible.

  • What if I don’t have a design?

    Please email your ideas, descriptions or sketch. Our artist will help you create the design.

  • Can you duplicate the patch made elsewhere?

    Yes! Please email the actual picture of the existing patch we will carry forward with the design.

  • What is the minimum order quantity?

    Normally MOQ is 10pcs, but we can accept lower quantity to meet customer's needs.

  • What is the maximum size you can design?

    We can design embroidered patch as big as 65cm*44cm(around 25.5 inches*17.3 inches), and woven patch as big as 16 inches at shorter side.

  • Is there a maximum for the number of colors used for a patch?

    No! No extra charge up to 12 colors, extra fee charged for each color over 12 ones.

  • How do you match my colors?

    There are four options, but we recommend option A.

    A.We will match colors on your artwork as close as possible in our thread and fabric chart.

    B. You offer PMS codes, we will match it through our thread and twill book.

    C. Please view our colors on OPTIONS page andtell us your selections. We will use the exact ones you selected.

    D. You may mail us existing patch or logo to our office in China and we will match it in person. Please note that the colors may vary slightly in person due to the monitor’s differences and 
    scan effects.

  • What file format of design should I send to you?

    JPG, AI, PDF are preferable but as long as details are legible, any format is fine. If you have DST or EMB digitizing file, please send it too.

  • What is the smallest possible size for lettering?

    To make it legible and good quality, all lettering should be 4mm (about 1/6 inch) in height for embroider patch. Woven and Sublimation patch can be 2mm height.

  • What if my design has too many details or extremely small lettering?

    Three options below:

    A. We suggest as how to remove some details and increase text size or our artist will do it directly and then send to you for approval. If this option is not acceptable, please consider option B.

    B. we will inform you the smallest possible overall size to make all details legible. This will increase the price accordingly. If this option is not acceptable, please consider C.

    C. You may switch to woven or sublimation patch. Woven patch allows great amounts of details. Sublimation patch is great for gradient colors and complicated details. The cost for woven and sublimation is cheaper than embroidery in most cases.

  • How do I pay for my patches?

    You may pay by credit cards, Paypal, bank transfer or Western Union.

  • How do you ship my patches?

    We ship by DHL, FedEx or UPS. Such fast service only takes 2-3 days worldwide.

  • Will there be any customs duties when shipping to my country?

    In most cases, no duties incurred. If you still receive the bill, just email us and we will share details with you.

  • How long will it take to receive my patches?

    Sample time: 2-5 days depending on size Production time: 5-10 days depending on Qty. Transit time: 3-5 days Rush service is available at no extra charge.

  • How can I iron on my patches?

    A. Please set iron to cotton setting

    B. Lay out your garment on a heat tolerant surface

    C. Place heat seal side of the patch on desired area and iron it for about 30-50 seconds with pressure. Please make sure the entire patch is covered.

    D. Turn garment inside out and apply iron to back of design area for about 30 seconds. For maximum durability, we recommend sewing on.

    More information about patch backing, please visit OPTIONS page.